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In 1979, our white water kayaking club, "Bystrze" (English translation is "Rapid"), organized a white water expedition called "Canoandes '79", which lasted 3 years running rivers in North, Central and South America. Most of these rivers were undiscovered for white water kayaking.

In 1981, Jacek's friends Piotr Chmielinski, Jurek Majcherczyk, Andrzej Pietowski, Stefan Danielski, Biczu Krasniewski and Jacek became the first human beings to run the Colca Canyon in Southern Peru, which is the deepest gorge in the world. This achievement was published for the first time in the 1984 edition of Guinnes Book of World Records.

In 1983 and 1991, Jacek and his friends returned under the sponsorship of the National Geographic Society. (National Geographic Magazine, January 1993)


1981 - 2006 Canoandes - Filmaker and Photographer for the following expeditions:

2006 Colca 25th Anniversary Expedition - Colca, Peru
2000 Sources of the Amazon - 2000 Expedition to Peru
1991 10th Anniversary Expedition to Colca Canyon, Peru
1988 Trekking to the southern face of Aconcagua in Argentina
1985 Amazon: Sources to the Mouth Expedition
1983 Expedition to Colca Canyon sponsored by National Geographic Society
1983 Expedition to the Gran Pajaten Ruins in Chachapoyas, Peru
1981 Canoandes '79 Expedition to Colca Canyon in Peru
1979 - 1982 Coanoandes '79 Expedition to North, Central and South America
1989 Founded his own production company and started working full time in 2005.

1988 - 2005 KTWO-TV NBC, ABC & CNN Affiliate - Chief Photographer - Photojournalist

Covered daily news and feature programs statewide

1982 - 1988 KGWC-TV CBS Affiliate - Photographer / Videographer

Covered daily news and statewide assignments

1973 - 1979 Polish TV Network Cracow Poland - News and Documentary Filmmaker

Filmed documentaries and news in Southern Poland. Last assignment before leaving Poland was the first visit of Pope John Paul II to Poland June 1979.

Przekroj (weekly magazine) / Poland (monthly magazine)- Free Lance Still Photographer

Free-lance still photographer for various Polish daily newspapers and magazines.


Wyoming Association of Broadcasters - Best Photographer of the Year 1989, 1996, 2000, 2001

Associated Press of Wyoming - Best Video 2001, 2002, 2004


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J. Bogucki's picture was published on the cover of Guinness Book of World Records New York Sterling Publishing Corp. Inc., 1984 Black and white version on page 108.

Turtle Islands (Galapegos Islands). J. Bogucki. Documentary about wildlife Galapagos Island. Poland 1984.

Nazca Culture. Filmaker: J. Bogucki. Documentary about pre-columbian Coastal culture in Southern Peru

Polish Expedition CANOANDES In Kayaks through Peru. Embaja de Viajeros S. A. 1981. (contributor) printed in English and Spanish

Conquista del Colca (Colca Conquest). Filmaker: J. Bogucki. 12 min. documentary of the first historical navigation of the Colca Canyon, the deepest canyon in the world. 1981.

Interests and Languages

Travel, archeology, classical music, roman coins collection, motion picture and photography. Fluent in Polish, Spanish, English


1975-1978 Jagellonian University Cracow Poland

Art / History Major

2246 S. Odell Avenue * Casper * WY * 82604

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(307) 258-1875 Available 24/7
2246 S. Odell Avenue * Casper * WY * 82604
(307) 265-3124