Last Updated 4/15/2012


Founded more than twenty years ago, Video Works stands by its experience and reliable services with a reputation for professionalism and for the delivery of a consistent, high quality product. Its owner, award-winning photographer and filmmaker Jacek Bogucki is widely recognized thoughout the state for his talent and creativity. His experince in the television business extends to filming and photographing white water expeditions, traveling - exploring overseas, and speaking several languages.

Video Works' purpose is to serve customers in a wide range of areas such as: documentaries, expeditions, event photography, legal depositions, conventions coverage, sports events, dance recitals, theatre performances, commencement ceremonies, class reunions, weddings, celebrations and a variety of special occasion events.

2246 S. Odell Avenue * Casper * WY * 82604

(307) 265-3124
(307) 258-1875 Available 24/7